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Logo Design - Oberonix
This logo was created for a company that specializes in business IT services.

Logo Design & Business Cards
During the concept phase of this project, the company name was set in several fonts and color combinations so that the client could consider the available possibilities; icons were also explored as graphic accents.

The final design employs a moon-like circle, that doubles as a dot above the 'i', located on a dynamic arc that frames the letters and suggests the orbit of the orb.
The sans-serif font that used for the logo had to be created — the font used in the concept had serifs — I altered the letters in Adobe Illustrator as necessary. The descriptive phrase 'progressive software solutions' is an optional element that is only intended for use when the logo is reproduced at suitable size. The logo works in color, greyscale, and black.

Logo Design - the
The development of this logo was part of an identity creation and stationary design project for a company specializing in obtaining domain names for corporate clients.

Logo Design, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes
I wanted this logo to impress upon the viewer that this is a hi-tech service-oriented company that is easy to deal with.

The sans-serif font used was chosen because it is
easy to read, with a technologically modern, and business ‘friendly’ appearance. The two colors used for the logo were chosen for impact and readability and are part of the web non-dithering 216 color pallet so they appear the same on all monitors.

Daedalus Games
Logo Design - Daedalus Games
I created this logo to reflect the key elements of the legendary inventor that this game manufacturer had chosen to name itself after. I wanted the shape and style of the logo to express an Art Deco quality and appear similar to a pilot’s lapel pin.

Mentor Business Services
Logo Design - Mentor Business Services
MBS is a marketing company that provides a variety of business consulting and training services to entrepreneurs in the gay community.
This project included the design of all business cards, stationary, and communications materials, including a full color brochure.
Additional logos designed for other MBS business ventures are shown below, including (a personal development website for the gay community), Pink Advertising (an ad agency offering advertisers insights into the gay community), Pink Tourism (a travel marketing company serving the gay community).
Logo Design -
Logo Design - Pink Advertising
Logo Design - Pink Tourism

Natural Environment Recovery Inc.
Logo Design - NER Inc.
This company provided an 'environmentally friendly' solution for the treatment of industrial sites contaminated with toxic chemicals.
The logo design represents the process of cleaning and reclaiming soil contaminated by years of industrial activity. It was produced in blue (rather than green) to emphasize the 'business' focus of the company.

Logo Design - Lunar Transport Vehicle System
This logo (which doubles as a shoulder patch) was commissioned for a scientific research project undertaken by graduate students at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada.

Starstruck North Productions
Logo Design - Starstruck North
This company specialized in marketing science fiction and fantasy art prints to retail stores and directly to the public. They wanted their logo to be genre-related, dynamic (but business-like), and inexpensive to reproduce under various circumstances — hence the choice of a single PMS color, enabling the design to print equally well in greyscale or black and white.

Bakka – The Science Fiction Bookstore
Logo Design - Bakka
For decades Bakka has been widely known as the premier SF and fantasy bookstore in Toronto, Canada. Over the years it hosted numerous author signings and book release parties.
In 1982 I was commissioned to develop a distinctive logo and a black and white science fiction illustration that could be used on stationary, plastic bags, and promotional materials such as bookmarks and flyers. The Bakka ‘B’ was designed so it could also be used alone, as an icon, when desired. As part of the project I also produced a full color 20' x 4' painting of the logo and promotional illustration to serve as the retailer’s store sign.

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